Counter-Strike 1.6 Torrent Edition

CS 1.6 Torrent Edition
Torrent Edition
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You came here to download CS 1.6 Torrent Edition in other words you were looking for a way to download CS 1.6 via torrent and rest assured, this is the place for that. And not only you can get it via uTorrent but a direct link option is also available. Both provide a high speed load and are very convenient. The release itself is mostly classic and the main difference from Clean Edition here is the design of the game menu which follows the uTorrent theme and overall looks really good and unique.
  • Option to download CS 1.6 via torrent
  • Fully classic gameplay and atmosphere
  • A great new design of game menu
  • Latest gaming build 9437
  • Bots are included
  • Avatars are supported
  • Scoreboard displays HP and money
  • Protection against attacks and scripts
The game menu which we have already mentioned being the main enhancement of CS 1.6 Torrent Edition has a well-designed background picture, a fabulous dark & green color scheme and a great soundtrack to top this off. But the gameplay itself is fully original which makes this version perfect for all professional players and also those who prefer classic 1.6 atmosphere. All of the default maps are included and bots are configured to play at any of them in the offline mode. CPU players are fully configurable and any settings can be changed at any time from the convenient in-game menu.

Another reason to download CS 1.6 Torrent edition is the fact that it's based on the latest build 9437 which supersedes Steam and auto-updates on every launch if an update is ready to load. It has a whole list of amazing features including support for avatars, a high resources download speed, a scoreboard that displays HP and money of your teammates, a colored console and much more. This build also synchronizes with Steam if the application is running and therefore you can use your Steam avatar, see other people's Steam avatars and also use Steam chat if you need to talk to your friends on the platform.

Aside from the offline mode which we've mentioned earlier, there is an in-build browser where you will find a whole variety of all kinds of different servers that include a lot of popular modifications like Classic, Zombie Plague, Deathrun, JailBreak, Surf and many more. It's essential to know that a powerful in-built protection guarantees 100% safety while playing online and protects your game client as well as you operating system from any attempts of hacking, files damaging or any other kind of threat there could be so you need not to worry about anything and just enjoy your game.
Downloaded: 164

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