All about CS 1.6 Surf Modification

All about CS 1.6 Surf Modification
This time we're going to talk about one of the most fascinating and very unique server-side CS 1.6 modifications named «Surf». This type of gameplay is very distinctive from the original and therefore requires a certain knowledge about the rules and techniques in order to be able to play it. But you don't have to worry about a thing because this article is covering precisely that and by the end of it you'll know exactly what you need not only to be capable of playing it but also to be good at it. Therefore without further ado let us get on with this amazing Counter-Strike modification.

First thing we need to understand here is not the main objective, like it is on any other simple map, but in fact the way we're playing the mod and that is by sliding (surfing) the inclined surfaces, hence the name of the mod. That's the most essential part of Surf mod and is an essential technique that everyone must learn and perfect at least to the point where you're completely comfortable with it. No matter how strange and unfamiliar that whole idea may sound the technique itself isn't as hard as it may seem at first. In fact, the actual process of sliding is fairly easy.
All about CS 1.6 Surf Modification
What you need to do is make sure the surface is on your right or left side while you're facing forward and than all you have to do is press left or right strafe so that you'll be strafing towards it and not away from. Your mouse will help to regulate the angle which will allow you to either be moving either upwards or downwards the surface reaching either upper or lower edge. That way you can regulate the speed at which you're surfing the surface. Once you've managed to master this technique to an adequate degree it's time to move on to the actual goal of the gameplay.

There are two kinds of surf maps. The first one is arcade type of the maps where you need to finish a location from start to the end (similar to Kreedz or Deathrun) and the second is a simple fight yard sort of objective where you just surf around the map and shoot other players often in a CSDM mode. While both of these types are a lot of fun to play, the gameplay is quite different. First of all we're going to talk about the arcade type of locations. Here the main objective is rather straightforward: get from the beginning to the very end.
«You should start your Surfing journey with the easiest maps in the offline mode»
The main skill to possess is of course surfing. These type of maps is perfect for a beginner because it allows you to learn the technique slowly and practice as much as you need in order to get gradually good at it. It's important to understand that these maps vary in difficulty and it's a good idea to start with the easiest ones like for example surf_waterrun. As soon as you have no problem finishing the map in one go, you should pick some other location with a similar difficulty level and after a couple of them gradually move to a more complex ones.

If you have a natural talent for surfing or you've spent enough time being truly determined on perfecting your technique enough to take up harder challenges you can try even more difficult maps. Even if you still fail finishing some of them it'll still be a great learning experience. Just make sure you're up for the task and do not jump the gun by which we mean to never take unrealistic challenges, otherwise you'll just wait your own time without learning anything. Be patient and determined, practice as much as you can increasing the level of difficulty with each map very slowly and you will succeed.
All about CS 1.6 Surf Modification
Now, we should also cover the second type of SURF_ location which doesn't really have a particular goal other than just having fun and surfing around shooting other players. Again, we do not recommend even trying these maps before you'd build some level of surfing skill, otherwise you most-likely won't even have fun playing. But if you're feeling confident in your abilities, it's time to find an online server and get to surfing. Each of these maps normally have several areas present: a gunnery, a jail and a safe house.

A gunnery is pretty self-explanatory, it's a place where you can pick up weapons. Although usually there are some lying around across the map, this place has either unlimited amount of them, allows you to buy weapons or has stacks of them stored on the floor. It's often hard to get to the gunnery and requires a higher level of surfing skill. However, most of the servers allow a purchase of the jetpack which boosts your movement tremendously and lets you get to places you normally wouldn't reach.
«Surfing isn't a particularly difficult technique, you just need to practice enough time»
It is essential to understand that arcade maps allow you to play by yourself in the offline mode, although don't forget to set sv_accelerate to at least 1000 or 10000. You can go even higher with it which is recommended for any beginner since it eases the process of surfing. As we said earlier, you should aim at the simplest possible locations when you just started your surfing journey. It is possible to also play these maps online with other people which is in a way also more fun but before you do that you must learn to complete at least a few maps on your own.

Surfing may seem difficult to some at first but it's much easier than you think and for some people it's easy from the get go. Just make sure to take your time and practice as much as you can. Don't rush it, there's no reason to because even the most simplest maps are just as much fun as harder examples. As long as you're steadily progressing, stay that route and soon enough you'll be able to improve your skill immensely. Another good thing about this modification is that it has a huge amount of all kinds of different location due to its popularity.
All about CS 1.6 Surf Modification
That's why there's never a dull moment here. It's probably impossible to complete all of them in your lifetime but if you have enough time, you may just try. In fact if you know how to create Counter-Strike maps in Valve Hammer, you can create a SURF_ map yourself, it's very easy as soon as you understand the structure. It's a fun idea especially if you have your own online server so that you can play on it together with other players or just via LAN with your friends. However, you won't necessarily need to create anything because there's already a great Surf map pack on our website.

It consists of the most essential and popular locations including the ones for a beginner as well as those that only a pro can take on. We advise you to install them and try a map after a map. After you start playing you will soon find out Surfing is one of the most fun and immersive CS server modifications that has ever been created. You may actually get hooked on it and play for days and weeks, just make sure to take it slow and improve your technique to the point where you can take up bigger challenges before joining an online server.

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