Counter-Strike 1.6 Valorant Edition

CS 1.6 Valorant Edition
Valorant Edition
Downloaded: 1285

If you're a fan of the famous tactical shooter called Valorant you're going to love this CS. But even if you somehow never heard of it, you will still be pleasantly surprised by the quality of that particular version. In fact any player who enjoys modifications and add-ons will find this one a very unique addition to their collection. But before you download CS 1.6 Valorant Edition we're going to tell you all of the things you need to know about this amazing Counter-Strike release. And we'll get to it right away, but first would like to remind you that you can safely download CS via torrent file or direct link.
  • Original Valorant atmosphere and design
  • Latest gaming build 9437
  • Avatars are supported
  • New HD Valorant styled map textures
  • Genuine Valorant weapons skins
  • Scoreboard displays HP and money
  • Authentic Valorant player models
  • New Valorant styled radar and HUD
Now it's time to go ahead with the review of CS 1.6 Valorant Edition. The first thing we notice straight away after the initial launch is the new design of the game menu: an authentic Valorant background picture, a nice dark & red color scheme and of course an original soundtrack accompanies it. But let us start up a server and check out the gameplay. And here the first thing that catches the eye is new HD maps textures designed in Valorant style. Just that important detail already changes the atmosphere tremendously along with a new HUD and radar which are both updates and enhanced to look more appropriately for this version.

But of course these aren't the only reasons to download CS 1.6 Valorant Edition. Why there are many more. For starters, here we have a whole set of Valorant weapon skins that look identical to the original ones from the game. That amazing aspect improves the gameplay even more making this release look almost indistinguishable from the actual tactical shooter already. However, it doesn't stop there: player models are replaced with the genuine Valorant characters and they are very highly detailed and graphically perfect.

But even after listing all of these amazing qualities there's still more to talk about. It's important to know that this CS is based upon the latest gaming build 9437 which includes such features and functions like automatic updates, fast resources download speed, avatars support, Steam synchronization, scoreboard that displays HP and money of your teammates, colored console and many more. Bots are here to let you play in the offline mode. They are fully configurable and any setting may be changed on a go via a convenient in-game menu. A powerful protection at the same time guarantees complete safety while online playin on one of the amazing servers you will find in the browser.
Downloaded: 1285


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