First round in CS 1.6

First round in CS 1.6
In this article we're going to talk about the very first round in Counter-Strike and will cover all of the essentials everyone needs to know in order to start the game the right way. If you're not aware of this, CS system is split into rounds that normally last around 2.5 minutes or until one of the team wins. Every round normally brings a certain amount of money to the players depending on what tasks they managed to accomplish and how many enemies they eliminated in the previous round. With that money players are able to purchase certain items — weapons, ammo, armor and such — in the buy menu that is available at the start of every round.

Consequently, the better you did in the previous one, the better equipment you're able to get every time. That creates certain advantages for people who had more luck in a round before because they can afford to purchase superior rifles and machine guns alongside armor, helmets and other useful appliances, while players who didn't do as well are stuck with less efficient guns and sometimes not enough fund to purchase armor. However, the very first round makes everyone 100% equal in terms of capital therefore providing each and every player with a fair and equal chance to succeed.
First round in CS 1.6
Nevertheless, it's what you purchase during the very first round may easily be detrimental not only for your early success but can also set the pace for the rest of the game. Therefore it is very important to use your initial funds in a smart way and not waste them on something less essential thereby guaranteeing other players (who made the right choices) their superiority. And today we're going to explain what exactly you should buy depending on your team and why. We're going to start at the terrorists team.

By default every player receives exactly $800 upon the first spawn. Additionally to that terrorists receive a knife and a Glock-18 which is the standard pistol for the team. Unfortunately the pistol isn't great and therefore the best thing to do here is to purchase a new one. The start capital will easily cover the purchase of any available pistols. Sadly it also means we won't have enough funds left to buy anything else aside from the ammo. But in our case it's okay, because we're getting the most powerful pistol in the game: Desert Eagle.
«Never use a Glock in a long distance battle, it isn't effective enough»
In order to quickly buy it press B-1-4. After that press B-7 to get full ammo. And that's basically all you're going to purchase playing as a terrorist. Although you won't have any armor, the fact that you're in possession of the most powerful pistol in the game should make up for it. Just make sure you know how to aim, otherwise that purchase will go to waste. We recommend training your aiming with NPCs, so if you're not 100% confident in your abilities, download CS 1.6 with bots and get to training. In this case, pick AIM_ maps and play them for at least 20 minutes each one by one.

An alternative option here is to not get a new pistol and get armor with full ammo instead. That way it is technically possible to either kill one of the enemies and pick up their dropped gun or to grab someone else's dropped better pistol. Also you have to keep in mind that you shouldn't use the Glock in a long distance battle, it just won't be effective enough. Your only way of successfully murdering somebody is at close distance, and aim at the head, it's the fastest way to score a frag with it. Still we recommend following the first scenario in order to outsmart the rest of the players who didn't make the same choice you did.
First round in CS 1.6
Now we shall explain the course of action if you're playing for the counter-terrorists team. As a counter-terrorist your initial kit consists of $800, a knife and a USP pistol which is in fact one of the most efficient pistols in the game due to which fact you won't be needing to buy a different one. Instead you should purchase an armor and a full ammo in that exact order: O-1, B-7. If you mess up and get ammo instead you won't have enough funds for the kevlar — one of the common mistakes you won't be making.

Another error people make is they get a different pistol while playing as a CT and therefore cannot afford armor. But the fact of the matter is, USP isn't much worse than a Desert Eagle. Granted it isn't as powerful and gives lower damage but still, just one bullet in enough to headshot an enemy without a helmet. With the helmet it will take around two bullets which is pretty great considering the firing speed of USP which is about three times faster than that of a Desert Eagle which aside from that fact only carries seven bullets in the clip while USP has a whole 20.
«It's okay to camp here and there a little in the first minute of the round»
So rest assured, you don't need another gun for the first round if you already have a default one for CT. Now considering the tactics and how you need to be acting whether you're a CT or T, it actually isn't hard to manage. You have to keep in mind that every one of the players has a pistol so the clips aren't that big including yours. So, you either should stick with a group or always make sure there's a place to take cover nearby in case of a sudden enemies ambush. If you're one on one with another rival chances are you'll get the job done but if it's three against one you probably will run out of bullets before you finish killing them.

And in that case, we have three clips against one, so even if you don't get shot to death at the impact you will most-likely start reloading while your enemies will continue firing bullets. The best practice here is to be more cautious although you shouldn't ever dismiss the general map tasks. However, it's okay to camp here and there a little in the first minute of the round, just make sure to proceed to bomb planting within the last 60 seconds of the round if you're a terrorist on a DE_ map. If you're a counter-terrorist however, camping in fact isn't even called camping as it is simply position holding and securing the area. The opposite scenario applies to CS_ maps.
First round in CS 1.6
People make different kinds of mistakes by purchasing pretty much useless items like night goggles, some decide to purchase grenades. It's important to realize that while on certain maps the nigh vision may actually be very beneficial, it isn't as important as the right choice of weapons or a kevlar. And grenades definitely play their important role but you should always buy them last after you're finished with your main weapon and armor. Even in later rounds we do not recommend buying anything less essential than a right gun prior to anything else.

Also, do not rush ahead of everyone else towards an enemy's territory and do not try to take over a plant place all by yourself unless you're very careful or there isn't many people left alive. Don't forget that Counter-Strike is a team effort game that requires performing certain tasks and the fact that your team's victory is your victory. No matter how high you can rise in the scoreboard, with a loss your balance will be negatively affected. These are the main tips we can share with you. If you follow them correctly you shall succeed.


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